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Database is back online!

Posted by Cyberfreak on April 23, 2016 at 7:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Database is now online again until 04/23/2017

Database temporary offline

Posted by Cyberfreak on November 23, 2015 at 12:10 PM Comments comments (0)

The database will be offline until a new database host has been found.

Everything will function correctly and only the leaderboards are not visable.

1.08 now available! (Windows JRE8 edition only)

Posted by Cyberfreak on August 30, 2015 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (0)

New version is now available for Windows!

32 bit JRE8 edition: supports java jre8 installation

64 bit JRE8 edition: no java installation needed

Latest Version: 1.08.2 (9/13/2015)


- link to homepage now clickable in options menu

- added online leaderboard

- added info if new version is available

- added moving info text to main menu

- added version information to main menu

- added developer logo


- core energy reduced for all rarities

- show cursor option now activated on default

- new design for options menu

- "rank" renamed to "level"

- connection to database now checked at game start


- check for savedata existance added

- credits improved

- some design and UI improvements

Java JRE8 now supported!

Posted by Cyberfreak on August 13, 2015 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (0)

A new breakout version for java jre8 environment is available, which is nearly the same as 1.07.8 for jre7.

Also java is included in this version, so you do not need to install any JRE.
Additionally no installation of the game is needed, just unzip the folder and start the .exe.

Fixes (1.07.9):
- added a check if savedata exists
- link to homepage now clickable in options
- credits improved

Fullscreen mode is not available at the moment and will maybe added later.

To use your old save, copy savedata.dat to the game folder!

1.07 now available!

Posted by Cyberfreak on February 27, 2015 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Updated: 2.4.2015 - v.1.07.8

Updated: 5.5.2015 - hotfix v5


- added upgrades to the shop (have to be upgraded with BP and Crystals)

- added unlockables information to statistics

- power-crystals now have a limit  which can be upgraded

- added core-energy (if energy is empty core must be dismantled)

- core energy will decrease everytime you start a mode (if core is equipped)


- removed upgrades from statistics

- researching a core now costs 5 crystals instead of 3

- some layout changes

- some unlock-requirements/rewards changed

- some rewards from packs changed

- some core attributes changed

- lootchance decreased from 5% to 3%

- daily bonus chance EXP+10% back to 25%

- daily bonus chance BPx2 deacreased from 20% to 15%

- total chance to get a daily bonus is now 45%

- power-crystal limit decreased from 100 to 50 (can be upgraded to 100)

- if power-crystal limit is reached you get 250 BP (x bonus) from loot

- ufo energy will increase everytime it is killed (survival-mode only)

- changed 1 ingame soundtrack (8-bit version)

- buying packs, upgrades or spheres will now save the game

- reaching max. multiplier in survival-mode now recovers 25% fuel

- overlevel-progress percent now based on EXP


- total completion patched

- some color and design improvements

- fix for loot not dropping in survival-mode

- overlevel button fixed

1.06 now available!

Posted by Cyberfreak on February 23, 2015 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)


- added forge to the shop

- 4 new balls (spheres) can be equipped in the forge (only one at a time)

- a power core can be equipped in the forge

- every ball (sphere) has a bonus and a penalty when equipped

- power-crystals added as a new currency

- power-cores can be dismantled in power-crystals

- you need BP and Crystals to identify cores and to buy spheres (balls)

- if you have full core-slots you cannot collect more and have to dismantle

- there are 4 core-types: common, special, rare, legendary

- every core-type has different min/max values (random)

- there is a 25% chance to get one of each type (need to identify a core)

- cores and crystals can be looted from bricks

- chance to get forge-loot: 5%

- chance to get a crystal from forge-loot: 70%

- chance to get a core from forge-loot: 30% (if you have max cores you get a crystal)


- upgrade is now falling down faster

- base lifes in 1-player mode reduced to 2

- base lifes in 2-player mode reduced to 1

- bonus BP from stage cleared reduced

- show cursor option now unlocked from beginning

- title background themes can now be changed from packs in the forge

- backgrounds added to some menus

- pictures of packs changed

- some skin requirements changed

- more rewards added from packs

- changed chance of daily exp-bonuses (EXP+10% = 25%, EXP+20% = 5%)

- event bonus is now +100% more chance to get forge-loot


- bonus BP from stage cleared now multiplied by daily/event-bonusses

- improved resolution of fonts

- some minor bugfixes

1.05 now available!

Posted by Cyberfreak on January 22, 2015 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)


- double BP when catching coins on event days

- pictures in the gallery now unlock bonus codes for elementia v1.05

- 3 new random daily bonuses

- chance to get daily bonus EXP +10% = 30%

- chance to get daily bonus EXP +20% = 10%

- chance to get daily bonus BP x2 = 20% (not on event days!)

- added overlevel-mode to be able to reach rank 100


- some images changed

- mainmenu layout changed

- some requirements to unlock skins, packs and signatures changed


- some minor bugfixes

1.04 now available!

Posted by Cyberfreak on September 21, 2012 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)


- improved statistics screen

- improved events screen

- improved rewards screen

- bonus credit value now correctly shown in survival

- patched rpg mod option when catching credits/fuel

- some layout fixes

- some minor fixes

- patched calculation of total completion %


- changed rank names/images

- statistics now unlocked from beginning

- signature creator unlocked at rank 3

- removed/changed reward for rank 9

- added an ID for the username

1.03 now available!

Posted by Cyberfreak on July 7, 2012 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)


- added PAUSE menu (press ESC or SPACE) -> will not pause gametime!


- improved loading speed

- improved layout of loading screen

- improved playerhitzones to catch upgrade

- added loop for music

- completely fixed music overlay/lag


- ESC button no longer closes the game

- playerdata will now be saved when finishing a stage or game over

- all settings (options, signature etc) will now be saved

- droprate from bricks: single/coop = 30%, survival = 50%

- droprate from boss:   single/coop = 50%, survival = 80%

1.02 now available! (includes framerate hotfix)

Posted by Cyberfreak on June 26, 2012 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

New Features:

- added best time to single and coop mode

- added highest stage to survival mode

- added loading information + loading bar



- rpg mod patched

- patched ball tail

- some code optimizations

- patched bonus score for survival mode

- patched best time display

- fixed hitzones for player2

- patched playerskins

- patched some bricks

- patched multiplier HUD format and color

- fixed music overlay when pressing backspace and starting a new game

- fix for signature creator crash when using 3 letters for a name


- delay value of buttons restored (was too short)

- reduced boss hitzone range by 10pixels left and right

- multiplier will be kept alive when hitting boss on bottom

- multiplier will be kept alive when hitting a brick without destroying

- every upgrade level increased to 10 (same values split to more levels)

- starting coop mode will reset button play option

- max shown value of survival stages is now 9999

- reduced duration of rank up message by 50%

Update: The framerate hotfix limits the speed of the game at 60fps.

After 1.02 the framerate was unstable running at 65-70fps. It is now fixed.

Update2: Don't use special characters when you save your signature.

It could cause the game to crash! Only use letters from a-z!
And try to SAVE/QUIT before making a signature in case something crashes.