Breakout Universe

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 System VersionInformation
Size ~

 1.08.2 64bit JRE8 Edition

 java files included
 118 MB Download
 Windows1.08.2 32bit JRE8 Edition  supports java jre8
 30 MB Download

fullscreen mode not available at the moment for this version!
To use your old save, copy savedata.dat to the game folder!


 Windows 1.07.8 + Updater
java jre7 needed
21 MB
 Windows Java Runtime Environment 7 (32bit)


 Mac OS
1.07.8 not tested
 21 MB


Important Information:
If the game freezes when exiting, game over or finishing a stage...
-> move the game folder to another directory (cut/paste)
(the windows programs directory usually has write protection, so when the game tries to save it can't do it and freezes!)


  • 1-2 player
  • 5 Stages
  • 3 Modes (Single, Coop, Survival)
  • 100 Ranks
  • Highscores
  • Online Leaderboards (1.08+ only)
  • Upgrades
  • Statistics
  • Signature Creator
  • Events
  • Window Resolution 500x400  (Fullscreen 1.07.8 only)
  • Unlockables (Upgrades, Options, Skins, Packs etc.)

System Information

System-Requirements: Win / Mac, 1GHz, 512MB RAM,
Java JRE 7 32bit (only for 1.07.8)

I'm not responsible for any damage or errors on your computer!
I claim no rights for music or pictures used in the game!
The game is totally for free from gamers for gamers!