Breakout Universe


1.08 now available! (Windows JRE8 edition only)

Posted by Cyberfreak on August 30, 2015 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (0)

New version is now available for Windows!

32 bit JRE8 edition: supports java jre8 installation

64 bit JRE8 edition: no java installation needed

Latest Version: 1.08.2 (9/13/2015)


- link to homepage now clickable in options menu

- added online leaderboard

- added info if new version is available

- added moving info text to main menu

- added version information to main menu

- added developer logo


- core energy reduced for all rarities

- show cursor option now activated on default

- new design for options menu

- "rank" renamed to "level"

- connection to database now checked at game start


- check for savedata existance added

- credits improved

- some design and UI improvements

1.07 now available!

Posted by Cyberfreak on February 27, 2015 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Updated: 2.4.2015 - v.1.07.8

Updated: 5.5.2015 - hotfix v5


- added upgrades to the shop (have to be upgraded with BP and Crystals)

- added unlockables information to statistics

- power-crystals now have a limit  which can be upgraded

- added core-energy (if energy is empty core must be dismantled)

- core energy will decrease everytime you start a mode (if core is equipped)


- removed upgrades from statistics

- researching a core now costs 5 crystals instead of 3

- some layout changes

- some unlock-requirements/rewards changed

- some rewards from packs changed

- some core attributes changed

- lootchance decreased from 5% to 3%

- daily bonus chance EXP+10% back to 25%

- daily bonus chance BPx2 deacreased from 20% to 15%

- total chance to get a daily bonus is now 45%

- power-crystal limit decreased from 100 to 50 (can be upgraded to 100)

- if power-crystal limit is reached you get 250 BP (x bonus) from loot

- ufo energy will increase everytime it is killed (survival-mode only)

- changed 1 ingame soundtrack (8-bit version)

- buying packs, upgrades or spheres will now save the game

- reaching max. multiplier in survival-mode now recovers 25% fuel

- overlevel-progress percent now based on EXP


- total completion patched

- some color and design improvements

- fix for loot not dropping in survival-mode

- overlevel button fixed

1.06 now available!

Posted by Cyberfreak on February 23, 2015 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)


- added forge to the shop

- 4 new balls (spheres) can be equipped in the forge (only one at a time)

- a power core can be equipped in the forge

- every ball (sphere) has a bonus and a penalty when equipped

- power-crystals added as a new currency

- power-cores can be dismantled in power-crystals

- you need BP and Crystals to identify cores and to buy spheres (balls)

- if you have full core-slots you cannot collect more and have to dismantle

- there are 4 core-types: common, special, rare, legendary

- every core-type has different min/max values (random)

- there is a 25% chance to get one of each type (need to identify a core)

- cores and crystals can be looted from bricks

- chance to get forge-loot: 5%

- chance to get a crystal from forge-loot: 70%

- chance to get a core from forge-loot: 30% (if you have max cores you get a crystal)


- upgrade is now falling down faster

- base lifes in 1-player mode reduced to 2

- base lifes in 2-player mode reduced to 1

- bonus BP from stage cleared reduced

- show cursor option now unlocked from beginning

- title background themes can now be changed from packs in the forge

- backgrounds added to some menus

- pictures of packs changed

- some skin requirements changed

- more rewards added from packs

- changed chance of daily exp-bonuses (EXP+10% = 25%, EXP+20% = 5%)

- event bonus is now +100% more chance to get forge-loot


- bonus BP from stage cleared now multiplied by daily/event-bonusses

- improved resolution of fonts

- some minor bugfixes

1.05 now available!

Posted by Cyberfreak on January 22, 2015 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)


- double BP when catching coins on event days

- pictures in the gallery now unlock bonus codes for elementia v1.05

- 3 new random daily bonuses

- chance to get daily bonus EXP +10% = 30%

- chance to get daily bonus EXP +20% = 10%

- chance to get daily bonus BP x2 = 20% (not on event days!)

- added overlevel-mode to be able to reach rank 100


- some images changed

- mainmenu layout changed

- some requirements to unlock skins, packs and signatures changed


- some minor bugfixes

1.04 now available!

Posted by Cyberfreak on September 21, 2012 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)


- improved statistics screen

- improved events screen

- improved rewards screen

- bonus credit value now correctly shown in survival

- patched rpg mod option when catching credits/fuel

- some layout fixes

- some minor fixes

- patched calculation of total completion %


- changed rank names/images

- statistics now unlocked from beginning

- signature creator unlocked at rank 3

- removed/changed reward for rank 9

- added an ID for the username

1.03 now available!

Posted by Cyberfreak on July 7, 2012 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)


- added PAUSE menu (press ESC or SPACE) -> will not pause gametime!


- improved loading speed

- improved layout of loading screen

- improved playerhitzones to catch upgrade

- added loop for music

- completely fixed music overlay/lag


- ESC button no longer closes the game

- playerdata will now be saved when finishing a stage or game over

- all settings (options, signature etc) will now be saved

- droprate from bricks: single/coop = 30%, survival = 50%

- droprate from boss:   single/coop = 50%, survival = 80%

1.02 now available! (includes framerate hotfix)

Posted by Cyberfreak on June 26, 2012 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

New Features:

- added best time to single and coop mode

- added highest stage to survival mode

- added loading information + loading bar



- rpg mod patched

- patched ball tail

- some code optimizations

- patched bonus score for survival mode

- patched best time display

- fixed hitzones for player2

- patched playerskins

- patched some bricks

- patched multiplier HUD format and color

- fixed music overlay when pressing backspace and starting a new game

- fix for signature creator crash when using 3 letters for a name


- delay value of buttons restored (was too short)

- reduced boss hitzone range by 10pixels left and right

- multiplier will be kept alive when hitting boss on bottom

- multiplier will be kept alive when hitting a brick without destroying

- every upgrade level increased to 10 (same values split to more levels)

- starting coop mode will reset button play option

- max shown value of survival stages is now 9999

- reduced duration of rank up message by 50%

Update: The framerate hotfix limits the speed of the game at 60fps.

After 1.02 the framerate was unstable running at 65-70fps. It is now fixed.

Update2: Don't use special characters when you save your signature.

It could cause the game to crash! Only use letters from a-z!
And try to SAVE/QUIT before making a signature in case something crashes.

1.01 now available!

Posted by Cyberfreak on June 24, 2012 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

- added Fuel-bar and Fuel-orbs to survival mode

- blue bricks have to be hit 2 times to be destroyed (without upgrade)

- yellow bricks have to be hit 3 times to be destroyed (without upgrade)

- in survival mode Fuel-orbs instead of credits come from bricks

- fix for some sounds playing when sounds were switched off

- upgrade vertical location no longer resets to 0 when stage clear

- fixed game over screen

- some design changes

- value of credits gained from bricks is now random

- ball no longer deals damage when hitting boss on the bottom

- now credits and Fuel-orbs can also be gained from boss

- droprate from boss increased to 80%

- droprate from bricks increased to 50%

- base credits in survival mode increased to 5000 for stage clear

- bonus score limit in survival mode is now 500000

- boss gets faster when boss-energy is below 500

- brick lightning adjusted and included in show effects option

- exp value gained from bricks is now shown

- delay values reduced (clicked button, stage finished, game over)

- bigger size of coins and orbs

1.00 now available! Beta period finished!

Posted by Cyberfreak on June 21, 2012 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (0)

The beta period has now finished and old savefiles will not work anymore!

- added experience bonus for pictures in gallery

- added an upgrade which comes from bricks to gain +50 credits (30% rate)

- more directions for the ball added

- new savefile created with more space

- framerate reduced to 60fps

- savebug of signature creator fixed when giving a name with less then 4 letters

- better hitzones for ball and bricks

- brickcount fixed

- some more fixes here and there...

- blur screen when shooting upgraded ball

- all savedata reset

- reduced amount of particles

- gallery now unlocked after singleplayer has been finished

- signature creator unlocked from beginning

- max lenght of username on signature is now 10 letters

- some unlockables added / changed

1.77beta now available!

Posted by Cyberfreak on June 13, 2012 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)


- added 10 new pictures in the gallery (ingame credits needed to unlock)

- added event menu where you can unlock event particles

- fix for ball shooting again when standing still (button play)

- some minor fixes...

 - when playing with buttons playerspeed is increased by 50%

- player now has 3 hitzones when using buttons (left/middle/right)

- range increased by 60% for player1 when using buttons (same as using mouse)

- enhanced controls for mouse play: L-click = ball left / R-click = ball right

- enhanced controls for button play: UP = ball right / down = ball left