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1.07 now available!

Posted by Cyberfreak on February 27, 2015 at 6:40 PM

Updated: 2.4.2015 - v.1.07.8

Updated: 5.5.2015 - hotfix v5


- added upgrades to the shop (have to be upgraded with BP and Crystals)

- added unlockables information to statistics

- power-crystals now have a limit  which can be upgraded

- added core-energy (if energy is empty core must be dismantled)

- core energy will decrease everytime you start a mode (if core is equipped)


- removed upgrades from statistics

- researching a core now costs 5 crystals instead of 3

- some layout changes

- some unlock-requirements/rewards changed

- some rewards from packs changed

- some core attributes changed

- lootchance decreased from 5% to 3%

- daily bonus chance EXP+10% back to 25%

- daily bonus chance BPx2 deacreased from 20% to 15%

- total chance to get a daily bonus is now 45%

- power-crystal limit decreased from 100 to 50 (can be upgraded to 100)

- if power-crystal limit is reached you get 250 BP (x bonus) from loot

- ufo energy will increase everytime it is killed (survival-mode only)

- changed 1 ingame soundtrack (8-bit version)

- buying packs, upgrades or spheres will now save the game

- reaching max. multiplier in survival-mode now recovers 25% fuel

- overlevel-progress percent now based on EXP


- total completion patched

- some color and design improvements

- fix for loot not dropping in survival-mode

- overlevel button fixed

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