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- a combo counter which multiplies your score for each brick

- will reset if you don't destroy a brick in a short time

- resets after a stage has been completed

- has to be unlocked (rank 5)

- has a limit which can be upgraded (initial value: 50)


- shows how many bricks you destroyed without touching the ball

- multiplies your score gained from bricks

- has a limit wich can be upgraded (initial value: 10)

Upgrade distance

- shows how long it will take for the next upgrade to come down

- the distance can be downgraded (initial value: 50000 km)

- resets when finishing a stage

Upgrade power

- shows how long the catched upgrade can be used

- while the power is active, the ball destroys every brick in its way

- the multiplier will not reset while the power is active

- the ball will stick on the player everytime the ball is touched

- can be upgraded (initial value: 10000)


- when finishing a stage in single / coop = 10000 X Lifes

- when finishing a stage in survival: Bonus-Score = 10000 X Stage

- Bonus-Score adds to your current score

BP (Breakpoints)

- when finishing a stage in single / coop: BP = +750 X Lifes

- when finishing a stage in survival: BP = +5000

- BP from coins (not in survival) = between 1 and 50 (basic)

- with Breakpoints you can buy pictures in the gallery

EXP (Experience)

- you get 10 exp for every brick (basic)

- you get 100 exp for the boss (basic)


FUEL (survival mode only)

- max fuel is 1000

- you lose fuel after time

- to regain fuel you have to collect fuel orbs (instead of BP)

- when fuel meter reaches 0 = game over

- when upgrade power is active you lose no fuel when ball sticks on player



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Q: When the boss appears there are 10 bricks remaining? Is that a bug?

A: No that is no bug. The boss counts as 10 bricks.

Q: When I want to exit/save my game it freezes and i have to close it.

A: Make sure that the directory of the game has no write protection. The windows programms usually have these protections. Try to move the game folder to another place.

Q: What counts for 100% completion?

A: Everything except Event-Particles and Playerskins.



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